The Company

Company Profile

CDR Financial Services LLC, a revenue cycle management (RCM) company, HQ'd in Long Beach CA, has been servicing our commercial and healthcare clients for over 20 years.


With over $1 billion in receivables under management, we have earned the trust of our clients and have recovered over $100 million just in the past 10 years.

What is our secret sauce? Three things:


  • 1.Our approach: Our core belief is that people pay who they like or respect. In the Healthcare Sector we have developed strong relationships with individuals with every payor.
  • 2.Our Software: For the past 5 years we have invested heavily in a proprietary software solutions that improve out efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by 10 fold.
  • 3.Our People:Our staff is highly trained and proficient both technically and have highly effective communication and negotiation skills.


In the Healthcare Services Sector, CDR’s focus is managing commercial, personal injury, private pay insurance claims and workers’ compensation appeals with a major function of the company being auditing bills, submitting bill reviews and negotiating the payment of outstanding bills or invoices on behalf of our Healthcare provider clients with insurance carriers.


In the commercial services sector we design a customized approached based on how our clients want us to approach their clients


While using an outside company to assist in managing your receivables function can be a sensitive issue for any business, all of our commercial and healthcare clients enjoy the fact they can increase their cash flow while no longer having to collect from their customers or in the case of healthcare providers carriers and can focus on expanding their customer and patient relationships.


We recover write-off accounts, judgments, no-pay and late pay accounts and have programs that manage accounts receivables within 0-30 days after our client's invoice or bill.

Let's start the conversation with a phone call or email. Don't wait, the older an accounts gets the harder it gets to recover. Unlock your cash and let it flow. We work hard to recover your money....