Social Responsibility

Education Equals Opportunity Too (E=O2):

E=O2 The Education Equal Opportunity Too Foundation (E=O2™), headquartered in Long Beach, California, has developed a unique and effective approach with the vision of challenging and motivating young people to make a lifelong connection between education and opportunity as a means to achieving and sustaining their “American Dream.”  The foundation takes a business approach to an “at risk” intervention, offering academically and socially “at risk” 8th grade students an incentive to enhance their future studies: a laptop, printer, flash drive, and backpack is earned by the student if they have fewer referrals to the principal’s office and are promoted to a minimum 3.5 GPA by their graduation.  In addition, they will develop essential communication skills and establish networking relationships that will benefit them over a lifetime.  Why a laptop?  Computers and access to the Internet are the tools of the 21stcentury, providing students with access to a world of information; and Information is power.  The E=O2™ program is a plug-in to an existing Male and Female Academy that is established as a club at the Middle School. Click Here to Learn More

Meals On Wheels:

Meals on Wheels nourishes, comforts and protects the most vulnerable of Long Beach's citizens. On a daily basis Click Here to Learn More

Leadership Long Beach

For more than 25 years, Leadership Long Beach (LLB), through its principled leadership programs, has helped inspire, create and cultivate the more than 1,000 community-engaged alumni to give back to Long Beach. The programs serve the community through educating and motivating the participants on issues and information important to the future and sustainability of our city.

From the Mayor of Long Beach to the PTA parent to the Director at Boeing to the high school student council leader, the network of Leadership Long Beach alumni spans the diversity of Long Beach all working towards the goal of a better community.Click Here to Learn More